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Tea Light Wax Warmer (Snow Flakes)

Tea Light Wax Warmer (Snow Flakes)

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This glazed ceramic tealight wax warmer with hollow-carved design is perfect for any room in the home. Tea light warmer comes with a ceramic spoon to make it each to place a tea light candle. The 2.4 oz large capacity can hold a perfect amount of your favorite wax melt to give you hours of scent. The beautiful cut-out floral pattern is a perfect complement to any room. The cut out design spreads soft light, casting beautiful patterns.

Manufactured by Lawei

How To Use:
Simple to use! Just add an ounce or two of your favorite wax melt. Then light your tea light candle and place it carefully in the recess of the tea light warmer. Remember…never leave your tea light warmer unattended and ensure that it is in a location that is safe for open flames and away from children and pets.

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