What are your products made of?

Our handcrafted wax melts are carefully curated from our own unique blend of natural Coconut, Soy, and Beeswax. Our wax melts include UV inhibitors to prevent the beautiful colors of our bars from fading and to reduce risks of discoloration from UV rays and fragrance oils. All our fragrance oils are paraben and phthalate free!

What if I don’t like one of the scents I receive? 

We’re sorry you don’t love the scent! We always recommend trying a fragrance by allowing it to fully melt and go through the different stages of the melting process (4 to 6 hours) before deciding. Fragrance notes cannot be truly enjoyed until they have gone through all stages of melting. Scents that you do not love can be shared with friends and family that have different scent fragrances. We do our best to describe our products based on the recommendation of the fragrance manufacturer and our own testing, but every nose is different!

How can I save money on wax melts?

Check out our Waxetty Rewards program page for information on how to earn points and save money on your purchases.

How do I maximize the scent from my wax melts?

Your wax melt bars (6 pieces) will provide at least 50 hours of scent with fragrance intensity varying based on each individual scent. Some scents are naturally more intense, and others are more subtle depending on the fragrance notes. To maximize the scent that you get from your wax melts we recommend the following: Change out your fragrances frequently and try new scents to avoid becoming ‘nose blind’ or anosmia. Falling into a routine of the same scents all the time will cause you to become so used to the scent that you don’t even notice it anymore. Avoid using your wax melts when using heavy scents in the home (e.g., cooking, candles, and other strong scents) as these will impact the ability of the scent to diffuse properly. So wait until after cooking your delicious dinner meal and then turn on your wax melt warmer! Ensure your wax warmer is clean and free of leftover wax from previous wax melts. Your new wax melt bars will not scent the room properly if they are intermingling with leftover wax residue. Close windows and place wax melt warmers away from drafts to prevent the scent from being lost to single parts of the room, or even outside! Consider using timers on your wax melt warmers to reduce the number of consecutive hours that you warm your wax melt. We recommend setting your timer for 4 hours to allow the scent to properly diffuse into the room and then turning it off to allow the wax to harden and recapture scent.

What is fragrance intensity and how do you rate this?

We carefully test every recipe we create and unless a product passes our quality assurance process they are not sold to our customers. We test each fragrance to determine the intensity of scent that you can expect to get from your wax melt at different distances from the source. A wax melt is not sold by Waxetty unless it is able to achieve a hot scent thrown at 12 feet from the wax melt warmer.

Subtle: These scents will have a light to moderate scent at 12 feet (small room)
Moderate: These scents will have a moderate to strong scent at 12 feet with a subtle throw at 24 feet (large room).
Strong: These scents will produce a strong scent throw at 12 feet and a moderate scent throw at 24 feet.

What is scent throw?

Hot throw is the amount of fragrance a wax melt produces when it is melted, and cold throw is the scent that you smell when you open a wax melt bar and take a sniff. Scent throw is subjective to each person, everyone has a very unique sense of smell and will pick up different intensities and fragrance notes from each scent.

What are different fragrance notes?

Top Notes: These are the initial fragrance notes you notice when smelling a cold wax melt bar and the initial scent that you will notice as it begins to melt.
Mid Notes: As the top notes begin to burn away you may begin to notice the mid notes in the air.
Base Notes: The base notes are those final deep residual notes that you may pick up on as the wax melt reaches the end of its fragrance.

How do I remove the wax from my warmer?

There are many different techniques that can be used to remove wax from your warmer.

Cotton ball method: Turn off your wax melt warmer and place 2 to 4 cotton balls in the pool of wax allowing it to absorb the wax and cool to the touch before disposal.
Warm melt method: Turn on your electric warmer for a couple minutes, just long enough to soften the wax and cause it to release. This lets you slide the wax out of the dish with it still being solid.
Ice cube method: Place an ice cube or two in a Ziploc bag and place it on the hard wax. Remove the ice cube and gently push one side of the hardened wax and it should pop out.
Freezer method: Place the dish from your warmer in the freezer for a couple minutes allowing the wax to freeze and shrink. The frozen wax melt should pop out.
Wax Melt Liner: Use a wax melt liner with your wax melts to allow easy removal of the melted wax. Hardened wax melts can be ‘popped’ out of reusable wax melt liners. Check out our wax melt liners. 

*Always be careful of drips and never dispose of wax down the sink. We like to reuse our wax and extend its life by donating it to become part of fire starters for campers!

How long will my wax melt bar last for?

The shelf life on our Waxetty wax melts is 12 months from the time of purchase. While wax melts can still be used after 12 months, to ensure the best quality of the natural wax ingredients we recommend using your wax melt bars within 12 months of purchase.

How do I store my products?

To ensure maximum quality from your wax melts we recommend storing them in a cool dark space away from heat and direct sunlight. Long-term exposure to heat and direct light can reduce the quality of your product. Wax melt bars should be stored flat and not left in a hanging or upright position as it can cause your fragrance oils to ‘pool’ affecting the overall fragrance of the wax melt.

I ordered several of the same types of scent, why are they not identical?

All of our wax melts are handcrafted and poured. Slight variances in color in no way affect the quality of the wax melt or its fragrance. As all of our products are curated from natural wax products there may be slight variation in color or texture. Natural waxes absorb color differently and may be prone to ‘frosting’ or ‘cracking’ or ‘uneven tops’. Rest assured that this is a sign that your product is made from natural wax and carefully handcrafted just for you! 

 What can I do with my wax melt packaging? 

Great question! Our wax melt packages are designed to be reused or recycled. You can reuse them for crafts around your home or return them to your local recycle centre. Check local recycling program guidelines to ensure they are properly washed and recycled.

We would also love to accept your empty Waxetty wax melt containers! Visit us at one of our trade show events and for every 10 Waxetty containers in good condition that you return to us we will give you a free Waxetty wax melt bar!

Gift Card FAQ's

I have lost the email with my gift card code, what do I do?

Contact us through our contact form or by email at contactus@waxetty.ca and we can resend your gift card activation code to you.

How do I use the gift card I have purchased?

The email you have received with your gift card should be treated the same as cash. You are able to forward the email you received to the intended recipient or print the gift card by clicking the link in the email.


Does my gift card expire?

Gift cards must be treated as cash and while they never expire these are at risk of being used by an unintended recipient if printed and lost or emailed in error to an incorrect email address. If this happens contact us immediately through our contact form or by emailing us at contactus@waxetty.ca