About Us

Waxetty is a Canadian company that was started when making our home smell pretty amazing became dull and routine. After years of buying the same old scents over and over it just wasn’t fun or enjoyable! It had become a habit or another to do on the shopping list. 

The thrill of getting ‘surprise’ scents in the frequency and quantity that we need is what inspired Waxetty!

What is Waxetty? 

Based in Vegreville, Alberta. Waxetty specializes in Hand Crafted Wax Melts. Our wax melts are specially curated from our own unique blend of coconut, soy, and beeswax. We use high quality fragrances that are 100% Phthalate and Paraben free. Our wax melt bars do not produce soot residue, are easy to use, and scent the air with beautiful aromas as they melt.

Why Waxetty? 

After years of hearing visitors to my home say how 'pretty' my home smells and explaining that it is the 'wax melt' it just made sense for “Waxetty” to be born.

What is our Vision? 

To deliver our customers a unique and creative way of infusing their surroundings with scents while keeping it fresh, exciting, and fun.

How will we do this? 

Waxetty offers more than just an online shopping opportunity. Waxetty offers a unique purchasing experience that allows you to enjoy scents you love while embracing the adventure of new scents. 

What do we Value? 

⬥ Committed to delivering our customers a unique and quality experience
⬥ Be passionate in all you do
⬥ Be curious, bold, and adventurous
⬥ Innovate and seek opportunities for improvement
⬥ Create products that can be enjoyed by everyone