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NOEL Ceramic Wax Melter - Silver

NOEL Ceramic Wax Melter - Silver

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Stunning "Noel" wax melt warmer in silver adds a stylish touch of elegance to any home. This beautiful piece is as much home decor as they it is a functional wax warmers! This stunning piece features one wax melt dish and a spot for one tea light candle. This stunning wax melt warmer is perfect for any space and creates the perfect holiday addition!!

How To Use:
Simple to use! Just add your favorite wax melt. Then light your tea light candle and place it carefully in the recess of the tea light warmer. We do not recommend using the melter for any longer than 4 hours at a time. Remember…never leave your tea light warmer unattended and do not overfill the dish. Ensure that it is in a location that is safe for open flames and away from children and pets.

9.5"L x 2" W x 4.25″ H

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