Fundraising With Waxetty Information

What We Offer

  • Personalized: One-on-one support throughout your fundraising program to help you achieve your fundraising goals!

  • Exclusivity: To ensure a uniquely exclusive handcraft product for you and your customers we limit the number of fundraising programs we offer, and each program includes some exclusive fundraising ONLY scents!

  • Profit: You keep 30% of sales (excluding taxes and shipping).

  • Convenience: Customers can order via your personalized fundraising page on, regardless of their location in Canada. We handle all credit card processing, making it more convenient for you!
  • Marketing: We will share your personalized fundraising page with our customers through our social media pages to increase your market reach!

  • Delivery Options: When ordering online customers can choose two delivery options: 
  1. Campaign delivery: Items will be delivered to the Event Organizer at the end of the campaign. 
  2. Shipping: Waxetty will ship their items directly to them at the end of the campaign at their own expense. Online orders >$75 are eligible for free Canada wide shipping.

All orders placed via paper order form will be delivered to the Event Organizer.

  • Delivery: All products will be delivered or shipped to the Event Organizer within 28 days of the end of your sales period. Delivery or shipping is FREE for all campaigns with gross sales > $500. Available in Canada only. 

How It Works

Set-Up: Contact us to set up a fundraiser through the following ways: 

  1. Email 

  2. Contact form on

  3. Message us through Facebook or Instagram

When you contact us, we will work with you to set up a personalized online selling page, confirm your selling period, arrange a product delivery date, and send you a selling package which includes:

  • Printable order form for cash sales
  • Link to your personalized online shopping page
  • Templates that can be used to share your campaign with others through email and social media platforms.
  • Information about Waxetty and the products available

Share: Share your campaign with as many people as you can in person and online! We will also share your campaign with our customers via email and social media to encourage them to support you in reaching your fundraising goals!

Close: Time to collect all the orders and see what has been raised!

  1. You will collect all printed order forms and cash payments received. 
  2. You will submit all order forms to Waxetty via email and all cash payments by e-transfer to 
  3. We will consolidate all paper and online sales for your campaign and provide you a sales summary of all gross sales. 
  4. We will send you an e-transfer with your portion of the sales to the email address you provided during set up once all orders have been filled and in advance of the scheduled delivery date. 

Receive: Now the fun begins! This is when you receive all the orders that were placed in paper form and the online purchases that selected campaign delivery. Orders will be delivered or shipped to you at the designated location. 

Any of your customers that placed online orders and selected shipping will have their orders shipped out from Waxetty within 48 hours of your orders being delivered to YOU. 

  • Distribute: Using the provided products and customer order forms you get to share all the orders with your customers.

Shopping Options

  1. Paper Order Forms: Paper order forms are perfect for collecting in person orders with family, friends, and co-worker. Cash only! For ease of shopping the amounts on the order form include GST. (Note: Your proceeds will be calculated on the pre-tax amounts)

  2. Online Shopping: Convenient shopping option for accepting non-cash payments from friends, family, and co-workers from near and far. Perfect for those that want their products shipped right to them!

We offer FREE Canada wide shipping for online orders > $75.

Delivery and Shipping Options

  1. Campaign Delivery: All customers that have placed their orders via paper order form or have selected local pick up while ordering online will have their orders shipped or delivered to you for disbursement.

  2. Direct Shipping: Customers that have placed orders online and chosen the shipping option will have their orders shipped directly to them. 

Profit Chart

Your fundraising committee keeps 30% of the sales (excluding charges for shipping and taxes). Below chart is for illustrative purposes only. Actual fundraising results will vary by the number of participants, sales by each participant and total sales. 

No. of Participants

No. of Bars / Participant



















For More Information

To get information about setting up your personalized campaign reach out to:

Julie & Greg Hewitt

Business Owners