Collection: Sweet Fragrances Wax Melt Collection

Welcome to the delectable world of Waxetty's Sweet Collection! Handcrafted in Vegreville, Alberta, Canada, our wax melts are a tantalizing blend of coconut, soy, and beeswax, promising 50-75 hours of aromatic delight in each traditional six-cube clamshell. 🍭🕯️

Crafted with Love in Vegreville, Alberta, Canada: Step into our sweet sanctuary, where each wax melt is lovingly handcrafted to capture the essence of Vegreville's warmth and charm. Infused with passion and care, these melts bring a burst of flavor straight from our Canadian kitchen to yours. 🇨🇦💖

Sweeten Your Senses - Fragrance Intensity Guide: Selecting your sweetness level is like embarking on a culinary adventure – it's all about finding the perfect balance of flavor and indulgence. To guide you through this aromatic journey, we've rated our Sweet Collection on a scale of 1 to 5 based on reviews. Whether you prefer a subtle hint or a bold explosion of fragrance, our intensity guide ensures you find your ideal sweet treat. 🍬🍰

Top Picks for Sweet Lovers: Get ready to tantalize your senses with scents like Candy Apple, Caramel Corn, and Bubblegum. These popular picks have delighted the palates of our customers, offering a tantalizing mix of sweetness and indulgence that's sure to satisfy your cravings. It's like a dessert feast in every wax melt! 🍎🍿

So, dive into the Sweet Collection by Waxetty and let the flavors of Vegreville, Alberta, ignite your senses. Handcrafted with care and infused with the spirit of our sweet haven, our wax melts invite you to experience the joy of sweetness in every scent. Your sugary adventure awaits! 🍭✨ #WaxettySweet #HandcraftedMelts #SweetSensation