Collection: Baked Fragrances Wax Melt Collection

Step into the aromatic wonderland of our Baked Fragrance Wax Melt Extravaganza! Here at Waxetty, our handcrafted wax melts are the stars of the baking show, blending coconut, soy, and beeswax into a symphony of delightful scents. Each traditional six-cube clamshell packs 2.3 oz. of wax, promising a tantalizing 50-75 hours of joy.

Craftsmanship From Vegreville, Alberta, Canada: Our commitment to quality extends to the heart of Canada, where our Baked Fragrance Wax Melt Collection is handcrafted in Vegreville, Alberta. Nestled in the Canadian landscape, our team creates each wax melt with care and attention to detail, ensuring you receive a product that not only smells heavenly but also carries the essence of our scenic surroundings.

Fragrance Intensity Guide - Choose Your Bake Level: Selecting scents can be a sweet journey. To make it easier, we've rated our Baked Fragrance Wax Melts on a scale of 1 to 5 based on reviews. Is subtle your style? Go for a 1. Want a moderate aroma? Aim for a 3. Craving an intense fragrance experience? Hit up a 5. The power is in your hands to set the perfect baking ambiance.

Popular Scents to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth: Get ready to tantalize your senses with our top picks – Vanilla Cream, Sugar Cookie, and Cinnamon Buns. These scent sensations have become the talk of our customers, delivering a delicious blend of warmth and sweetness that transforms any space into a cozy haven.

So, join the Baked Fragrance Wax Melt party – , bringing the joy of baking right to your wax warmer. Treat yourself to the ultimate aromatic indulgence. Your scented adventure begins here! 🍪✨