Collection: Cafe Fragrances Wax Melt Collection

Welcome to the most brew-tiful corner of scent paradise – the Cafe Wax Melt Collection by Waxetty! We've brewed up a storm in Vegreville, Alberta, Canada, handcrafting these wax melts with a mix of coconut, soy, and beeswax, ensuring that each traditional six-cube clamshell packs 2.3 oz. of aromatic magic. Prepare for a sensory adventure that lasts 50-75 hours, bringing the delightful essence of your favorite coffee shop right into your space.

Crafted with Love in Vegreville, Alberta, Canada: Say hello to the Cafe Wax Melt wonderland, where every melt is handcrafted with a touch of magic, we infuse the warmth of Canadian charm into each cube, making sure your wax melt experience is as special as the place it comes from.

Fragrance Intensity Guide - Sip or Savor? You Decide: Choosing your coffee – and your wax melt – is an art. To guide you through this aromatic adventure, we've rated our Cafe Wax Melts on a scale of 1 to 5 based on reviews. Feeling subtle vibes? Go for a 1. Craving a moderate aroma? Pick a 3. Ready for a strong, full-bodied fragrance experience? Reach for a 5. Your wax melt, your choice, your Cafe Collection adventure!

Top Picks for a Sip & Sniff Fiesta: Step up to the counter and explore our top picks – Spiced Chai Latte, Caramel Macchiato, and Mocha. These aroma maestros have become very popular with our customers, delivering the perfect blend of coffee-shop charm and delightful fragrance. It's like your favorite barista crafted each melt just for you!

So, get ready to brew up some fun with Waxetty's Cafe Wax Melt Collection. Handcrafted in Vegreville, Alberta, Canada – where the coffee is strong, and the scents are even stronger. Your aromatic adventure starts here! ☕✨ #WaxettyCafe #HandcraftedAromas #CoffeeMagic