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 Jan 12,2023

How Waxetty was born!

Hello! My name is Julie and I’m thrilled to introduce you to Waxetty!

Waxetty is an Alberta company that was started in 2022 after I searched the market without being able to find exactly what I wanted.

I have long loved having wax melts in my home and always enjoyed when people visiting my home would say how pretty it smelled. But after spending two years at home during the pandemic it had become dull and routine. Always the same fragrances, it was becoming just another item on my shopping list.

I was tired of scraping brown residue from my warmers, tired of the same two or three scents all the time!

I had signed up for several subscription services during the pandemic and began to search for a subscription for wax melts.

I wanted to find just the right thing…

  • Unique and different fragrances…I loved that when some of my Subscriptions came, I didn’t know what exactly would be inside. It was like a Surprise every time the package arrived! 

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  • Natural waxes that would burn clean…I wanted my wax warmers to be as clean when I removed the wax as they were when the wax went in.
  • The right texture…I didn’t want my wax melts to be so soft that I had to wash my hands as soon as I touch them.

After a fruitless search I decided it was time to create exactly what I was looking for!

In my newfound passion I discovered the art and science of wax melts.

As a first-time blog writer, I am looking forward to sharing my research, experiences, blunders, and wins! I hope you will give us a try and share your ideas; I can’t wait to hear what fragrance ideas you have for me!

Happy Melting!

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