Candles vs. Wax Melts – The BIG Debate!

Candles vs. Wax Melts  – The BIG Debate!

Guess what!? There is no one size fits all answer! Now…while I LOVE wax melts (obviously, right? 😊) I do enjoy a good candle occasionally as well. But let me share with you some of the reasons why I love melts over candles.

  • I am forgetful! While I take pride in being organized and on top of things I do silly things like forget to turn off the stovetop or blow out a candle when I have it lit. With my wax melts I don’t have to worry about an open flame that I have forgotten about. And the newest electric warmers have timers and temperature settings that make it even easier and safer for me! 
  • CARBON BALL (aka mushroom)! These are the little black balls that form at the end of a candle wick from too much carbon build up. You don’t get this with wax melts! Trust me, only once will you blow out a candle with a carbon ball at the end…when that little ball becomes air born and choose to land on curtains or papers it is super memorable! 
  • Scent strength! I love that with my wax melts I can adjust and control the degree of scent strength I get. If I want a stronger scent I pick a higher fragrance intensity scent and pair it with a higher temperature wax melt warmer. When I want a subtle soothing scent I choose a more delicate scent and select a warmer with a lower temperature (e.g., night light, low temperature setting). Even the exact same wax melt bar will produce different levels of scent based on the temperature and location of the warmer. I love having the option to influence the scent intensity I experience. 
  • Longevity! The amount of scent that I can get out of a single 6 cube bar ranges from 50 to as much as 100 hours (depending on scent selected, temperature of warmer and size of room). This little bar of approximately 2 to 3 ounces of wax is carefully curated to deliver on scent. My experience and research has shown that candle burn times can vary greatly, but an average 12 to 15 ounce jar candle should yield 25 to 50 hours of burn time. You would need two candles just to get the same burn time you can from a single wax melt bar! 

  • Environment! Our waxes are natural waxes that are biodegradable, and we use less than a traditional candle to provide the same amount of scent (or more). If you need two 12.5-ounce candles that’s a whopping 25 ounces of wax! Our little wax melt bars of ~2.5 ounces give you the same number of hours of scent.


Happy melting!


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